How is Ash Wood Sustainable?

The Gaia Baby Team recently returned from a factory visit, where we learned more about sustainable practices in our furniture making.

At Gaia Baby, we try to build sustainability into everything we do. Starting with our furniture designs, but also looking at the materials and processes we use.

Our furniture is made out of Ash-Wood, which has many eco-friendly benefits. 

Ash Wood has the potential for ‘carbon sequestration’, which means it can capture and store carbon during growth.

We were lucky to get a tour around our family owned factory, by the manager Judy. She explained to us in more detail the sustainable features of the ash wood we use.

We source from FSC Certified forests in New York.

The FSC certification means biodiversity is supported, responsible sourcing is practiced, and the production of the wood is managed sustainably.

We saw how the wood was stored, and the careful labelling of the wood origin. 

Ash Wood is fully biodegradable, and all the waste wood from our factories is sent to be recycled.

The offcuts were saved in large bins, ready to be brought to the recycling facilities at the end of day.

Ash wood continues to carbon capture through its life cycle, and it is incredibly long lasting and hard wearing.

It was amazing to see the whole process of the wood being transformed from raw material, into the finished pieces of furniture.

We love to preserve the characteristic grain of the ash wood in our Hera Collection, showing it's natural beauty.

Ash wood contributes to make Gaia Baby Furniture an heirloom piece in your home.

It looks stunning, and its a good decision for the planet too.

We really enjoyed learning more about the sustainable properties of Ash Wood, and how it’s sustainable features are maintained in our furniture production.

Stay tuned as we share more insights from our visit!