DIY Scavenger Hunt in Nature

It’s hard these days to figure out how to keep the kids busy….That can mean increased screen time for the little ones, or endless online orders of new toys and games that will eventually end up unused in the cupboard. 

Luckily, Gaia Baby has a fun and affordable suggestion to entertain your little ones in a sustainable way; all that is required for a DIY scavenger hunt is a little creativity!

Traditionally, a scavenger hunt involves a list of specific items which the participants then have to collect or complete. While this can be done anywhere, why not take advantage of the Summer weather and move the game outside? The scavenger list can feature a variety of things found in nature, for example collecting different flowers, different types of leaves and spotting animals or insects. See below for an example list:

Of course, for younger participants just pictures can be used. You can adapt the hunt to focus on things found in your local park, beach, or even in your own garden.If you really want to keep them interested, you can make it a race between two groups - an easy way to spend the entire afternoon outdoors!