Frequently Asked Questions

Serena Cot Bed | Co-Sleep

The maximum height of the Co-Sleeping Crib base is 57.5cm from the floor. The mattress adds a further 3cm. The Gaia Baby Co-Sleeping Crib has 6 different height adjustments and sleep surface should be aligned 10cm / 4in below the parents’ mattress.

The Gaia Serena Co-Sleeping Crib is fully certified for use until 6months. This is the standard for cribs but not all babies are standard. Your baby will tell you when it is time to move! Signs to look out for are: your baby is beginning to roll-over/ pull-up in the crib or simply has outgrown it.

Head over to our YouTube Channel and watch our “How To” videos here.

The surface sleeping area is 70cm(w) x 56.5cm (d).

Your Gaia Serena Co-Sleeping Crib is supplied with its own bespoke Crib Mattress, specifically designed & certified for use in cribs.

No, the base of our Co-Sleeping Crib is flat. It is also fully ventilated. 

It is widely recommended by health care professionals that newborn infants should sleep on their back with no accessories placed in the crib. If your baby has colic, we would strongly recommend consulting with your midwife or healthcare professional who will advise the best solution for you and your baby.

Gaia Serena Cot Bed | Mini

You can use the Mini Cot from birth with the mattress in the upper position until your baby is approx. 6 months old. Your baby will display signs e.g. pulling up or rolling over, then it is time to move to the lower mattress height.  You can continue to use the Mini Cot until approx. 2 years old.

Head over to our YouTube Channel and watch our “How To” videos here.

The Gaia Serena Complete Sleep Mattress is a specially designed modular mattress which can be used in both our Mini Cot and and Cot Bed. The modular mattress comes in 3 parts with 2 different sized covers: one for Mini Cot and one for Cot Bed. The mattress is sold separately. 

Our Mini cot is not designed or certified for use as a Co-Sleeping Crib.

Serena Cot Bed

It is recommended to use the Cot Bed in the higher position until your baby begins to roll over or pull up, usually at approx. 6 months.  Once you notice these signs, it is recommended to lower the height of the mattress. 

Head over to our YouTube Channel and watch our “How To” videos here.

This will depend on your child. If they are asking to move to a “big bed" or you feel they are ready to do so, the Toddler Bed provides a safe, familiar transition stage. 

We offer 2 mattress options for use with your Gaia Serena Complete Sleep.

a) Gaia Serena Cot Bed Mattress: This is made with premium, nursery-grade foam with fully water resistant PU cover. It comes with a quilted-cotton, zipped cover which is easy removed for washing and certified to EN16890.

b) Gaia Serena Modular Mattress: This is a premium quality, fully pocket-sprung modular mattress. It’s fully waterproof and comes with 2 different sized zipped covers to perfectly fit your cot at every stage. The covers are both  Oekotex Certified organic.

The First Bed is 140cm in length and should accommodate an average height child up until the age of 5. If your child is still comfortable in the bed beyond this age, you can continue to use it . Our beds are tested up to 200kg drop weight capacity so sitting or playing on the bed is also fine.

Mattresses & Sheets

Complete Sleep | Co-Sleep: Your purchase includes our Co-Sleeping Crib mattress. You will need to purchase either our Gaia Serena Cot Bed Mattress or our Gaia Serena Complete Sleep Mattress separately, depending of your preferences between foam or pocket-sprung mattresses. 

Complete Sleep | Mini: Our Gaia Serena Complete Sleep Mattress is a modular mattress and the only mattress that is compatible with Mini Cot. 

Complete Sleep: You can purchase either the Gaia Serena Cot Bed Mattress or Gaia Serena Complete Sleep Mattress separately, depending of your preferences between foam or sprung mattresses. The Cot Bed Mattress is only compatible when your Complete Sleep is in Cot Bed /Toddler Bed and First Bed modes.

Great question! We’re very proud of the innovation behind our modular mattress! The Cot Bed Modular Mattress consists of 3 separate parts and 2 different sized covers. When used with our Mini Cot, the middle part is removed, the two ends join together and are secured using the smaller cover (provided). When expanding from the Mini Cot to Cot Bed, the middle part of the mattress is inserted between two ends and the larger cover is used to secure.

Rocker & Footstool

The legs are made from natural birch wood sourced from European FSC certified sustainable forests.

Flame retardant treatment of fabrics is a legal requirement in the UK. Gaia Baby products meet all applicable UK flame retardancy legislation (EN/BS standards). All our products are tested at an independent, internationally accredited testing facility to ensure they meet the requirements of the latest EN/BS standards.

The Gaia Serena Rocker & Footstool are upholstered in a durable and hardwearing polyester fabric. We recommend spot cleaning the fabric with a clean damp cloth and some gentle detergent.