Stretchy Baby Wrap Organic Cotton Silver Grey

  • Fabriqué à partir de : 100 % coton biologique certifié

    Tranche d'âge : Convient de 8 à 33 lb / 3,6 à 15 kg

    Disponibilité : Expédiers dans les 3 semaines suivant l'achat

    Livraison : Livraison standard 17,50 € (gratuite pour les commandes supérieures à 50 €).
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    Options de couleur : Graphite et Gris argenté

  • Dimensions du produit :
    Longueur : 550 cm
    Hauteur : 55 cm
    Poids : 0,46 kg

    Certification de sécurité :
    Certifié BS EN 13209-2:2005 et CEN TR16512
    Approuvé par L'Institut international de la dysplasie de la hanche


  • 100% certified organic cotton wrap
  • Even Weight distribution while naturally supporting your baby in the optimal development position.
  • Naturally anti-bacterial, biodegradable and free from chemical dyes.
  • Suitable from 8-33 lbs or 3.6 - 15kg, with carry positions; Newborn, Baby & Toddler.
  • Soft and breathable with easy to use 1-way stretch fabric.
  • Gender neutral and size inclusive design.

Newborn Carry

Baby Carry


How to:

How To Tie Your Stretchy Wrap:

Step 1:

Locate the Gaia Baby logo at the centre of your wrap and hold it front of you with both hands at waist height. Keep the logo just above your middle and make a waistband of your wrap.

Step 2:

Cross the fabric behind you, bringing the two ends back over your shoulders to your front, making an X with the fabric on your back.

Step 3:

Tuck both ends underneath the waistband fabric. Cross the two ends again, making on X at your front. Make sure the logo is still to your front.

Step 4:

Bring the two ends behind your back and tie the remaining fabric in a double knot to the back or side. If you have a lot of fabric left, you can cross the fabric at your waist again then double it to your side.

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