Lit bébé Hera - Frêne naturel | Noyer


Lit bébé Hera - Frêne naturel | Noyer

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  • Design Led
  • Global child safety standards
  • Grows with your child
  • Recyclable & Biodegradable

Marquez le début du voyage de votre bébé avec un magnifique lit bébé en bois véritable. Faisant partie d'une collection intemporelle et patrimoniale, le lit de bébé Hera est conçu pour vivre et grandir avec votre famille, à travers tous vos moments les plus précieux, et est disponible en deux couleurs, le frêne naturel | Noyer et Scandi-Blanc | Naturel.

Depuis le moment où vous ramenez votre tout-petit à la maison, jusqu'à l'enfance et au-delà, le lit Hera Cot Bed s'adapte sans effort à ses besoins croissants. Convient du nouveau-né à 5 ans (toutes les pièces sont incluses).

Fabriquée à partir de bois de frêne naturel européen d'origine durable, la collection Hera Nursery est certifiée selon les normes de sécurité mondiales les plus élevées. Inspiré des designs emblématiques du milieu du siècle, le lit Hera Cot Bed présente des accents contrastés, des extrémités légèrement incurvées et un beau grain de bois véritable.

Pour prolonger encore plus la durée de vie du lit Hera Cot Bed, l' Hera Junior Bed Extension peut être achetée séparément pour permettre au lit d'être transformé pour que votre enfant puisse dormir jusqu'à ce que ils ont 7 ans.

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Good to know

As our products are built to evolve with your needs over time, it means we use less raw materials and reduce the environmental impact of transport and manufacturing, and our beds are fully recyclable when the time comes.

All Gaia Baby products are made from ethically sourced wood and materials. At Gaia Baby we ensure that the wood we use is responsibly produced and the forests are replenished.

By choosing ethically sourced wood, we are guaranteed the foresting process is ethical, workers are treated fairly and our wood is 100% formaldehyde-free.

We are just a little bit proud of the fact that we are one of the few nursery brands making this promise to our customers. And what our journey so far has revealed to us is that a lot more is possible.

Our team continue to investigate and experiment with the latest sustainable raw materials, fabrics and methodologies so we can bring you the latest, best and most sustainable products.

Our starting point is ensuring that every single raw material we use is supplied with authentication certificates so we can be assured our suppliers adhere to the highest standards.

But more importantly than that, at Gaia Baby we specifically choose to partner with small family run businesses.

Our fabulous Nursing Chairs are made in a small upholstery factory where 3 families and 3 generations of seamstresses and tailors work together with amazing skill and capacity for such a small team.

Our wood products are made in family run factory near Qingdao, a coastal city renowned for its beauty and pilsner lager! In fairly typical fashion, the factory owner and his family live above the office on site.

We at Gaia Baby value longevity, because we know it's what's best for our planet and for our consumers.

We strive to create pieces that are not only timeless in design, but timeless in their durability. Made with real FSC certified wood all our furnitures are made to stand the test of time and be passed down generation to generation.

All Our Cribs, Cots and Beds are designed to easily last from birth to 10 years of age with our Extention kits. Meaning less waste and less spending for mum and dad.

Hera Cot Bed FAQs

The sleep / mattress area of the cot is exactly 120 cm (L) X 60 cm (W)

The external dimensions are:
Excluding the legs: 124.4 cm (L) X 64.4 cm (W) X 93.4 cm (H)
Including the legs: 131 cm (L) X 64.4 cm (W) X 110 cm (H)

The Hera cot is tested to EN716. In order to pass this standard, the cot in the top position, is drop tested with a weight of 10kg.

In First Bed mode, the Hera Cot is tested to BS8509. As part of this standard, the bed base is drop tested with a weight of 35kg. Thus we can say the cot is suitable for a baby (in top position) up to 10kg, and for a toddler/child (in first bed position) up to 35kg.

Your Hera Cot Bed will arrive carefully packaged in two boxes:
Box 1: 23 cm (H) X 71 cm (W) X 71 cm (L) Weight: 18.5 kg
Box 2: 11 cm (H) X 76 cm (W) X 130 cm (L) Weight: 18 kg

Your cot purchase includes all parts needed for your cot to
be used in baby/toddler/child mode from newborn to 5years.

You must purchase a mattress separately.

The Hera mattress is a UK made, fully pocket sprung mattress
designed specifically to fit the contours of the Hera cot. Find out more about the Hera cot mattress here 

If purchasing a mattress from a different manufacturer, make
sure the mattress is made to fit your cot exactly and meets with all necessary safety standards

Top position/Newborn
Once your baby starts to roll/turnover or pull up in the cot, this is stage at which you must lower the mattress height to the next position

Mid position (UK/EN only)
Once your baby is able to sit up unaided or has reached a weight of 10kg, this is the stage at which it is recommended you lower the mattress to the lowest position

Lowest Position
Your baby can stay in the cot in
this position as long as they are happy. Generally, at age 3-4, your toddler will ask to move to a big bed. This is your trigger to transition to ‘Toddler Bed’

To adjust the height of the mattress follow the ‘Toddler Bed Conversion’ steps in your instruction booklet page 12-13.

Instruction manual can be found here

If adjusting the height of the mattress to the mid-position, replace rail to complete.

Follow the ‘Toddler Bed Conversion’ steps in your
instruction booklet pages 12-13.

Instruction manual can be found here

Follow the steps per your instruction booklet pages 15-18

Instruction manual can be found here

The Hera cot bed is made from Ash wood. The wood used to make this piece of furniture is grown in a sustainably managed forest in North America and harvested in a sustainable manner.

Ash trees are drought resistant and will grow well in many different soil types. Ash wood is an incredibly hard and durable wood type. Unique amongst hard woods, ash trees capture carbon from the atmosphere, and ash furniture stores it for decades. 

All parts and components of your Hera cot bed can be recycled. Contact your local domestic waste recycling provider for more details
on wood and metal recycling.

Kudos From Our Happy Customers


Great product and great customer service. Definitely recommend! I hoovered the while house and my baby fell asleep in the wrap whilst I was doing it

Amie B.
Bought Carry Baby Wrap

Beautiful products for your nursery! Easy ordering after trying lots of different sites to order the same nursing chair.Thank you.

Heather V.
Bought Serena Nursing Chair

We are delighted with our Gaia baby purchase. We find both the cot and the rocker so versatile and the company in general have been a pleasure to deal with.

Dermot Mc.
Bought Serena Cot Bed

Love our rocking chair! We bought the Gaia baby rocking chair. It's wonderful quality and was delivered really quickly! Super comfortable nursing chair! Would totally recommend!

Megan F.
Bought Serena Nursing chair

Our 2-year-old daughter has been in her Serena complete sleep cot bed since turned 6 months and we have loved it from day 1.Adjustable and adaptable to her growing development, we will be able to use her cot bed for the next 3 years.We were drawn to the modern and stylish design.

Daniel H.
Bought Serena Cot Bed

Great company to deal with. We ordered the co-sleeper that turns into a cot. It's a lovely product.

Donald O.
Bought Serena Cot Bed + Bedside Crib

We have the cot, dresser and chair. It looks terrific, beautiful and of very high quality. Delivery was fast and the delivery team were very organised and friendly.

John J.
Bought Serena Room Set

Stunning looking furniture unlike anything else we've seen, looks great in the room. Great service, delivery, assembly and taking away packaging. Really delighted.

David R.
Bought Hera Cot Bed

Just bought the Gaia cots with rocking chair and footstool one word “stunning” everyone who has seen the furniture absolutely love it, to say we are pleased is an understatement. And also the customer service is second to none. 100% recommend to anyone. Thank you yet again!

Jason M.
Bought Serena Room Set

We Follow Our Own Path of Innovation

We are a design led, family
business with true sustainability at the heart of everything we do.
In 2018, we launched the first fully-certified, convertible co-sleep crib.

Our Products are Smart and Efficient

Thoughtfully designed pieces to serve multiple functions, to evolve as your family’s needs evolve, and to last the test of time.
We manufacture our products in the most resource efficient way possible.

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We have a registered trademark and design protection in Europe, US, Australia and China.
We test all our products to the highest possible safety standards.

We are Committed to Sustainability

Together with our suppliers, we commit to using ethical processes and procedures. But not only that. We are committed to constantly seeking out new materials and innovations to improve our sustainability credentials and minimise our footprint.