Are Bedside Cribs Safe? Explore the safety features of the Hera Bedside Crib

In recent years, parents have increasingly turned to bedside cribs as a safe and convenient sleeping solution for their newborns. Among the many options available, the Hera Bedside Crib stands out not only for its sleek design and ethically sourced materials but also for its commitment to safety and sustainability.


One of the primary concerns for parents when choosing a bedside crib is safety. Our Hera Bedside Crib takes pride in being fully certified to the latest UK/EN crib safety standards, specifically meeting the requirements outlined in BS EN 1130:2019. This certification ensures that the crib adheres to strict safety guidelines, providing parents with peace of mind as they sleep carefree with their baby nearby.


"Will this crib fit my bed?" is one of the most frequently asked questions for parents when purchasing a bedside crib. The Hera Bedside Crib is designed with the convenience of parents in mind. With 5 height adjustments ranging from 70cm to 56.5cm, the crib accommodates most parents' mattress heights, ensuring a seamless fit. If using as a co-sleeping crib, it is recommended to further attach the crib to the parents' bed with the safety straps provided. A second consideration for parents' is the space they have available to situate a crib. If your space is narrow, you will find the compact dimensions of the Hera Bedside crib (48.4cm wide) an easy fit in even the tightest of spaces.

Air Circulation & Breathability

As newborn babies cannot regulate their own heat, it is of crucial importance that the crib you choose has maximum air ciculation and breathability. The perforated, double-layered base system of the Hera Bedside Crib ensures continuous 360° air circulation. This feature is crucial for maintaining a comfortable sleep environment for your baby, promoting ventilation, and reducing the risk of overheating. Always follow safety experts advice on room temperature and bedding for newborns.

Access To Baby for Nighttime Feeds

One of the main benefits of a bedside crib is easy access to your baby for night time feeds. A key feature of the Hera Bedside Crib is the mesh side panels which offer maximum visibility. This design allows parents to keep a close eye on their little one throughout the night, promoting a sense of reassurance and connection. By dropping the side panel down, it is easy to access your baby and lift them out of the crib for nighttime feeds. Always re-secure the side panel after feed time.

Fussy Baby / Reflux Baby

If your baby suffers from acid tummy/reflux or if they have a cold/congestion, it can lead to disturbed and broken sleep for you and your baby. The Hera Bedside crib offers a patent pending integrated "no tools" reflux adjustment, allowing for easy adjustment to a 5* angle to help ease the symptoms of reflux and/or congestion.


It is important for newborn babies that we try to eliminate or reduce their exposure ot common allergens. That is why, with the Hera Bedside crib, we have taken great care to ensure we use all natural materials. The exterior is made from natural ash wood finished with child-safe water based paint. The interior fabrics are made from certified organic cotton with a recycled polyester lining.

In the quest for a safe, sustainable, and aesthetically pleasing bedside crib, the Hera Bedside Crib emerges as a top choice. With its commitment to safety standards, innovative features, and sustainable materials, this crib not only provides a secure sleeping space for your baby but also aligns with our brand pillars of Child Safety, In-House Design, Sustainability and Handcrafted. The Hera Bedside Crib is a reliable and stylish addition to your nursery, offering a comfortable and secure sleeping space for your little one.