Soy Candles designed for Mums

We partnered with Gosia from Candella and carefully chose the different blends with new mums in mind. 

Gosia only uses sustainable, non-toxic materials for making, packing and shipping her candles. This means soy wax, essential oils and cotton wicks as well as sustainable packaging and practises. It was because of this commitment to sustainability that we knew Candella were the perfect partner for a collaboration!

Our first blend is Lavender and Jasmine. Lavender has long been heralded for its calming and de-stressing properties. Jasmine, although lesser known for it, is also believed to lift your spirits and creating a feeling of calmness and optimism. Both fragrances are known to alleviate stress and anxiety. We call our lavender and jasmine fragranced candle 'Soothing & Relaxing'. Burn this candle any time of the day, it's especially good if you've had "one of those days"and need a little pick me up and chill me out.

We also wanted to revive and uplift, so with our second blend, Pink Pepper & Orange Flower, we have chosen essential oils that encompass a sense of awakening. Pink Pepper is an exotic, rose-like fragrance, thought to promote alertness. It's one of those heady fragrances that nudge the senses to breathe in deeply, focus the mind and empower. We paired it with Orange Flower, which itself is often used along side flowers such as lavender to destress the mind. The combination of zesty, stress diffusing Orange Flower with invigorating Pink Pepper lends this candle its name as "Stimulating & Uplifting".

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