#GaiaInspires | Gosia, Candella Ireland

Recently, we partnered with Irish candle makers, Candella Ireland to make two fragranced soy candles designed specially for new mums. We have so many friends in business who inspire us everyday and we’re delighted that Gosia, the founder of Candella was as excited as we were about blending the perfect fragrance.

After Gosia’s youngest child developed a number of allergies, she knew she would have to find 100% natural candles to continuing using them in her home. She began by finding out more about how candles were made and so began her journey to launching Candella.

Having been longtime admirers of Gosia’s fragrances and her dedication to sustainability, it felt like a natural partnership to design a candle together. 

We knew we needed fragrances that weren’t overpowering but that also created the perfect atmosphere for a new mum. Together we developed two candles for Gaia Baby Aromatics. Firstly, a Lavender & Jasmine candle designed to soothe and relax. And then a Pink Pepper & Orange Flower candle designed to stimulate and uplift.  

- Read more about the fragrance blends and their properties here - 

You can watch the full video with Gosia below and on our IGTV.